CULI provides a wide range of legal services other than civil or criminal litigation. We can assist a group in the incorporation process and working with the IRS to obtain tax-exempt status. We have helped corporations write and update their bylaws and adopt other necessary policies – conflicts of interest, financial oversight and others. We can assist an existing corporation with contract work – are you engaging a consultant? Are you moving into a space and they’ve handed you a lease to sign? We can help you to negotiate and make sure that what you sign is most likely to meet your needs. We can also help with a range of other real estate needs, from research (who owns these blighted properties?) to opportunities for site control, to assistance with negotiating the financing of an acquisition, to the real estate closing itself. We have gotten involved with NRZs and other neighborhood groups discussing various strategies for property revitalization – tax liens? Acquisition of city-owned properties? Negotiating with banks that own foreclosed properties? And we can provide legal advice about intellectual property and copyright, about employment and labor issues, about insurance claims and other challenges. Let us know your legal concern, and we will make every effort to find an attorney to help you.