The Connecticut Urban Legal Initiative, Inc. (“CULI”) began providing legal services to needy nonprofit organizations in January 1998, from the campus of University of Connecticut School of Law. With the assistance of law students, CULI has provided a unique service learning opportunity for law students and critical legal assistance for the nonprofit sector that has been underserved for decades.

CULI provides legal services to nonprofit groups and corporations working in Connecticut. CULI clients should have a commitment to neighborhood revitalization in some way, although that definition has been broadly construed. Most of CULI’s clients are located in urban communities. Often, CULI’s clients have a limited budget to cover legal expenses. CULI seeks to balance the client’s financial capacity, the impact of the client’s project, and CULI’s available resources in determining the proposed legal fees for a particular project. At a minimum, all clients are asked to pay a $500 flat fee, unless they can afford to negotiate a workable hourly rate or fee.

If your group or nonprofit corporation needs non-litigation legal assistance, you should contact CULI to find out whether we can help. Please note, however, that CULI does not have enough personnel to meet the needs of all potential clients and may at times need to deny services to potential clients who may be “eligible” in all other respects.