Class Requirements

Students will be assigned to client matters, sometimes in pairs (up to five client projects for each student) requiring research, drafting, filing, participation in meetings, negotiation and other lawyering activity. Students will complete and submit weekly time sheets and spend, on average, eight (8) hours per week on client matters. If client matters have slowed or stalled in a particular week, it is the student’s responsibility to seek additional work from Connecticut Urban Legal Initiative, Inc. to attempt to keep the average hours.

There will be no exam, but, in addition to class attendance and eight hours of client work per week, students have the following responsibilities:

  1. to prepare a file memorandum by the end of the semester on each of his or her projects describing (1) the status of the matter at the beginning of the semester; (2) principal legal and practical issues identified; (3) results of research; (4) progress made in accomplishing the client’s goals; and (5) recommended next steps;
  2. to make a presentation, assisted as needed by the instructors, for roughly one-half an hour, regarding at least one project to which he or she has been assigned; and
  3. to complete one title search, on a piece of property with which one of our clients is involved – these searches will be commented upon by the supervisor.