The Connecticut Urban Legal Initiative, Inc. (“CULI”) began providing legal services to needy nonprofit organizations in January 1998, from the campus of University of Connecticut School of Law. With the assistance of law students, CULI has provided a unique service learning opportunity for law students and critical legal assistance for the nonprofit sector that has been underserved for decades.

The University and the Law School support about forty percent of CULI’s budget. CULI raises the remaining revenues through legal fees and contributions. While CULI provides very low-cost services to many clients, we seek to balance each client’s financial capacity, the impact of the project, and CULI’s available resources in determining the fees for any client or project.

“As a legislator, my understanding of the complex issues relating to nonprofit organizations, urban problems, and the law has been aided by my participation in the CULI program. CULI demonstrates innovative ways to answer vexing urban problems.”

— Christopher S. Murphy
U.S. Senator